Ask Dr. Bernd

„Ask Dr. Bernd "- not just a dictum, which my colleagues in OLS sometimes laugh on.

Ask Dr. Bernd in fact reflects a common thing the daily life at OLS: Be it a question on cell counting or determination of vitality, a lack of clarity about some weird technical detail of the CASY, all such is no big effort - we have the Dr. Bernd Glauner "in da house".

Well, sure – if you want you can call me a luminary: Finally, I was part of the CASY even before its first installation back in 1988 (quite a long time ago). The CASY lived ever since through a checkered history - in an ever changing environment I stood faithful to it, and now we arrived together at OLS OMNI Life Science.

From this "everlasting change" we came to the idea of this blog: Why not use my years of experience and bundled them up with the centuries of experience from our users, and make all that available to our customers?

So, please do not hesitate to ask - any question from one user surely helps others who are looking for answers – and – it could possibly even help my colleagues ...?

I am loooking forward to your questions and contributions from the entire range cell counting, determination of vitality, CASY! Just use the comment function at the bottom of this page or write to me at "Ask"! If you prefer to contact me directly – my contact details can be found at:

Sincerely Dr. Bernd Glauner.

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